Divinestra – Viral, bacterial, fungal, and other broadly related public-health concerns

CLINICAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGY encompasses the understanding and diagnosis of changes in cognition and behavior after known or suspected brain damage. The profession is one of the health-care specialties in the
clinical neurosciences and a specialty in clinical psychology.

Identifying the nature of brain-behavior abnormalities relative to the
context of normal functioning, understanding the consequences of these
changes in the daily life of the individual, and contributing to
effective and cost-efficient treatment and management of affected
patients are basic goals of neuropsychological services, such as
performing examinations and consultations.

One of the first tangible benefits of applying the Internet and WWW-based computer technologies in medicine and health care has been the exploitation of the Net’s immediacy, fluency, and global breadth to deal with new and reemerging infectious diseases around the world.

Public-health telecommunications systems in the developing world have been established, surveillance and logistical systems have been implemented, both formal and independent discussion forums have brought together professionals from a diverse group of specialties, and useful educational information has been disseminated to the general public, the media, international travellers, and health-care consumers.