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Buffer and matching reagents Anti-fading fluorescent mounting medium, cell fixation and permeation buffer, blocking solution, electrophoresis running buffer, reducing agent, mini cell scraper, pasteur pen, etc. Cell Biology Secondary antibody conjugates, used to label antibodies and small ligands, biotin / streptavidin conjugates, apoptosis and cell viability detection kits, cell proliferation kits, organelle markers, membrane potential …

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Stem cell-derived polarized hepatocytes

Human stem cell-derived hepatocyte-like cells (HLCs) offer an attractive platform to study liver biology. Despite their numerous advantages, HLCs lack critical in vivo characteristics, including cell polarity. Here, we report a stem cell differentiation protocol that uses transwell filters to generate columnar polarized HLCs with clearly defined basolateral and apical membranes separated by tight junctions. …

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